Monday, December 20, 2004

Hey yall. It’s like the sweetest thing those of you that say whut you would buy my book. Superdope and akin to the sweet flavor of scope. Much preciated. And all yall that wouldn’t, hey, much props as well, just for bothering to be here in the negasphere, or at least my corner. Serially. Anyways, as saying, er, not saying, whatevs, still more work needs be done if this is actually gonna happen.

Did I mention that tony has another book out? And anti’s got one? I prolly have or have not. I can’t remember and don’t care to check the, er, record, at this time, which will make me look tarded in retrospect, but, hey, what can you do when it’s time to get busted by the red white & blue.

Part of me thinks the whole thing needs to be reedited and possibly tightened up even more to include the first two years & thus just the very best of what so far is considered the best. Cuz, I don’t know, flipping through what I selected, some of that shit ain’t gonna make the cut.

Invariably, it is inevitable that, uh, the seconds & minutes elongate into infinity. Yup, you can’t argue with that, now can you? Nope.