Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I’m heartily struggling with this whole waking up thing. Can someone take the whole idea of, uh, that which must not be said, you know, ok, you don’t, whatevs, and just flush it down the eua de toilette? Have I mentioned that bing is a blogging genius?

Why do I always ask if I’ve mentioned shit? Why do I think it has to be about if I’VE mentioned it, I mean who gives a rat’s assburger? I’m sure you don’t.

Anyway. Fark. Now I gotta call this guy & ask him if we did this, how much he would charge for that, all the while knowing there’s no way this or that will happen and that in all eventuality, and to the degree that I’m actually putting through the paperwork, the answer is gonna be what’s behind door #3.

in further news, I’m hopefully going to go partake in that which is food, and then discuss with myself why I feel the need to use too many words to express simplistic ideas. I needs to get rid of that habit. Let’s try. I’mma go eat. Hmmm, that wasn’t so hard.

And then come back here, and, uh, work? Shit, there must be a more elucidated mode of transmitting that concept to yall in that it will sound like, uh, Professor Plumb in the drawring room like came up with it or some shit like that.