Friday, January 14, 2005

The clippers WON tonite. So, uh, how bout those clips? I mean, double overtime against shaq daddy and the heat, and they still pull it out. You know? This is shaq’s first loss in LA since moving to the eff ell aye, fa sho. Ya dig? They beat the lakes on xmas. The clips however was another story. Maggette with the clutch shot at the buzzer. Don’t get much bettah than that.

In other news, I just got my ticket for my homeboy’s, my MAIN homeboy’s, wedding in end of april slash beginning of may. I will be there if in fact or even if I am not square. It’s all inevitable. Like the degree to which the quickness exists to which I write this crap. It’s like a hummingbird, ya heard? Werd to officer bird.

If you didn’t know you already gots ta realize that the pee to tha gee has got that shit going on. Ya hear? Werd.

In other news, I’m stoked that I’m gonna be kickin it like chiken on the mainland. I am determined to hook up with anti & m68. we’ll see if it really happens. And possibly tony? Nah, he’s too big a celeb. Maybe xtx could come out for some blog summitage? You never know whut can happen until you drop the skillets. Chuuuuuuch.