Friday, January 07, 2005

the deepest shit is that it’s that which not be known, that’s the whole 9, the idea that, well, mad shit is out of your control and you just gotta let that shit vibe & percolate, and then you gotta do shit, you know, there’s shit that’s got to get doin, right wrong or down at the Pepperidge farm, nobody said this shit would be easy. And that’s just to let you know anykine basic stuff and like try to coagulate that in with the rest of what society says is right what people you know or have interacted with even in the slight sense or that have occurred in your hemisphere, the concern of whut they will think, the unknown knowing of realizing that which might transpire and the all apparent rationale behind it. But there’s nothing there, that’s the whole trip, it’s just a bunch of random shit happening all at the same time. You just gotta step up within the zone & then you might realize how to engulf the gravy train into enlightenment, and you just gotta enjoy what’s going on and not think of that which may be in some future time, you gotta be like that dude from north shore, you know, first he’s in the gutters in waiks, all confused, but then he gets out to the country side of the island and meets keilani the Puerto Rican Hawaiian from Malibu that let’s her know that the hui will come kick his ass if any kine of shenanigans even seem like they’re going on and then, I mean shit you’ve gotta deal with lance berkhardt.

Ps: the pic is an oldie of darrick martin who the clips signed to a 10 day contract. He was their point guard for the last playoff “run” if you wanna call losing three straight a “run” back in 97, the last time clips made playoffs. Yes you read that correctly.