Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hey wuddup, I, um, shit, gotta stop saying um, well, er, writing it at least, I don’t really say it that much, well, shit, I derno, maybe I do, whatevs, you know if it’s clever hit that lever. I think I’m gonna try to steer the ship so that I eat ribs tonite. In fact, that’s the goal. That and the you know whut. No you don’t. you only think you do. Shit, you dunno. Ok, maybe you do. It’s actually the most obvious dillio of which you prolly have tried to educate yerself on, I’m by no means the or even a expert, but shit, you know how it goes, fuck it all to hell and hope that you get a late pass on the next level h-town style, I mean, scarface, neither the Italian nor the popolo one is gonna give you the freebie to skate through the scene, so don’t even think that, I mean, you gotta earn whut you get, in any and every thing, truss me, so, um, I guess that’s it for now