Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ok here’s the thing ya see I wanna do everything and nothing but all at the same time ya see? An even though that sounds so the opposite of realistic in the sense of actually being a possibility that I am almost loathe to admit I chanced upon it in my repertoire, I have to see, it is definitely some accommodation of the truth.

Now in meeting with certain prerequisites of various organizations, of course all are admittedly and in some ways determinedly different, quite intentionally on the other end are they also prone to bouts of dementia in pondersa style wondering about the similarities, cuz you gotta have em, but it’s getting the good ones right and the bad ones righter and being on top of your game as well as their’s.

Anyway, at the same time I wanna make sure that one thing doesn’t necessarily infer or insinuate anything that may hinder or at all bushbeat the brows of modern acceptadaptibility. Mos def. And, well, the third thing is that it all has to be copacetic with the ultimate landlord.