Monday, January 03, 2005

really minors da kiners whut I gotta ok not gotta tell you put there’s pics to crip and then do a walk on over to the brewski infested side of the other kine dillios, so you know, I mean, that’s the way it is & it’s like that. Werd 2, wait, you know the rest.

So if n2deep calls and they’re running out of akron ohio then you’ll know that that which you suspected may in fact be closely related to the truth.

And if it’s not, hey, I mean, it’s no meat off of your skillet, right? Right. Trust me on it. You can, you know, like, the drill, it’s that of which you are familiar. That of which whut you know, and know to be known, even when there are times where in which it seems like you do not know it. That thing, you know. Yup. That one. No, wait, no not that one. Yah. That one.