Friday, January 28, 2005

yoyoyo. So, uh, why axe why, bud dry, yadda yadda yadda, what’s the goddam point? Well, the point is to, uh, shit, that’s why I axe the muhfuckin questions, yah? Cuz I don’t know. Dummy.

So the clips have won 2 in a row and got 3 very winnable games before they head out on their monster 9 game east coast road trip. Shitty part is the road cool part is the east teams mostly suck so let’s hope for some dubs. And some dubyas. Not that kind, you know, yah, THAT kine. Yup. That’s it. You know, don’t ack like ya don’t.

Hmmm. Is this like so 1972 or whut? I’m trying to ascertain, um, digress, no, goddammitt, instigate? Nah, that still ain’t it.

I don’t know whut the fuck I’m trying to do with this shit. Fine, you caught me. Take that satisfaction and barter it down on 3rd street for like that kumquat slicer you always never wanted. Bleh. Welcome to over-it city. Population: like 80 grand. Plus the mice & muskrats. And fire hydrants. And, uh, chipmunks.