Monday, February 28, 2005

i dunno mayne, i read that shit again, the hst part, and i just feel so far off on it. like i'm not even close. like, well, actually, i'm in the neighborhood, fuck, i don't know, he wasn't necessarily going for shock value, he was just being him, he was throwing shit out there, the drug culture, and making it like, so people knew it was there, it wasn't necessarily evil, but don't sugarcoat it, it was what it was, he didn't try to pull some leary shit, like, lsd will save your life, your soul, etcetera, he was like, lsd will fuck you up & it's fun, but don't be surprised when you wake up at of your raving delirium and you kinda fucked some shit up or some shit like that, or, depending on your ability to handle, shit, you prolly didn't. i dunno, fuck, this is why i have not really talked about it, cuz honestly, it's really all over the fucking place for me. i could go on & on and get further and further into the most jackhole dissertation ever opined. or not. FUCK IT. that's it. done. brooks & dunn, all that shit. until later, when i have more dumbfuck shit to say about it.