Monday, February 07, 2005

I’m thinking I should go to law school. I could convince people of shit. Mos def. And don’t even tell me I couldn’t. in fact, right now I’m convincing you of just the opposite. Of what you said. Only if it was bad. Don’t conclude that as a blanket statement. And if you do I’ll find you perjurous in the 4th degree. Not like degrees as in dimensions, cuz then you’d be on some buck rogers shit, but more like, you know, degrees of studies on a subject, or lists of attributes of what something might have.

There’s some really retarded singing going on in some kind of near vicinity not to mention the fact that there are unofficial dog fights, not like they’re sanctioned or anything, but you know, what the fuck do you expect to happen when you let a bunch of fukn mangy mutts run all around a certain area just cruising and otherwise not generally causing too much trouble, well you know whut’s gonna happen, there’s gonna eventually be some kind of situation in which the same sucka ass gets beat down again just like whut they always got damn do.

The clippers dumped the last two games by two points apiece, two sadly winnable games to two teams that are prolly a lil better than their records indicate, as Elton Brand indicated somewhere in the press clippings, so, wellie, next up is at boston, in first place in a shit division, but they’re a wacky team and if memory serves me correct they beat the clips once already this season, but memory is a fickle thang, whut with it’s unfounded bias as to being not necessarily always true.