Monday, February 28, 2005

Mannn I gots ta start regulatin on what goes outta the duckets ville acre section, not that I don’t already, but I mean, getting warren g slash nate nasty on that shit not only on myself but on the contingent’s other representative about whut where when why the crunkinator’s special sauce is accommodated, wait, not the sauce, the chicken, the cheddah, the soup, fuck, all that shit, you know whut I mean? Or you prolly don’t. I mean, how could you?

The cool thing is that just by typing up some bullshit I just made 10 dollars, the shitty part is that I don’t get it for like another month & the fact that it’s just 10 dollars. But if I can repeat that action like 50 or 60 times, I’ll be like a hundred-aire. And no I’m not pretending to have made up that word.

You may have noticed if you give half of a donkey’s ass that all I’ve basically written about besides the vagaries of applesauce are two basic subjects lately, them being hunter s. thompson’s surprise suicide and the los angeles clippers. So in fact, just to be so predictable and bore you to tears even more I will belabor further in those environs.

The clippers won their second in a row. But don’t get too excited, last nite they beat the shittiest team in the league and tonite they gotta head out to utah, in which they haven’t won since like the original mormon, john Jacob jingleheimer or whatever the fuck his name was, yeah, since he was baggin like 85 hoes at once, and then 87 on Sunday, and then none on Saturday, cuz that’s the day he lets the Johnson rest and it’s like holy or some shit like that.

As for HST, well, I mean, hope he’s resting peacefully wherever the fuck he’s at. He went out on his terms, his way, he never sold the fuck out, never let anybody tell him the fuck how it was done, and, shit, I’m still bummed he’s gone, and I think the thing that gets me the most is there will never be another like him. Not even close. And that’s a good & bad thing at the same time. Just like the 70’s, he will never occur again, we’ll never be quite that naïve, will we, that what some madman druggie says can have so much affect on the previously undisturbed and unperturbed masses. The information age has jaded us all to the point that you can spread eagle a donkey in times square and have tax brokers take turns defecating on it’s exposed ass-tulip and prolly the only person that would bat an eye would be ex mayor giuliani, who would like get his comb over all in a hissy and prolly pee his pants. Fuck that guy.