Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Well corey maggette is back in uniform for the clips, I know you were worried, so was I, and, well, having the team’s 2nd best overall player back in the mix, not to mention their most explosive scorer, is a serious boon. I mean, more serious than the wine. I mean, take a bottle of alize, and that’s not even close to half the potential for good natured hijnix now that, well, you know what I mean.

Hoping they can close out this boston game and have a little momentum heading into Washington, which is gonna be ruff & tuff, not to mention tuff & ruff, what with the fact that the bullets slash wizards slash ogelthorpes (not relevant). Yeah, it’s pretty weird, being that something good seems to be percolating in the back alley deal nexus of this fine (?) country of ours. Hey, look, I don’t question our finesse. (fine-ness?) but I know others do, and their views deserve to be shown in any and all forums just as much as jesse jacksons’ very sensible diatribes regarding how he can fuck as many random ass rainbow coalition secretaries as he wants, but, I mean, don’t let the guy in barbershop make slightly disparaging remarks about rosa parks. That’s fucked up.

And that’s seriously old news. Which I, eh, I don’t like referencing myself. It’s like a woodpecker saying, “oh, you think I drill holes in the sides of trees now, you used to see me back in the day, let me give you this map & flight directions to one of my most prestigious designs, and then let me know what you think.” Ok, it’s prolly not like that at all, well, shit, I dunno, maybe a little.

PS: scratch everything I just said. They choked. Hard. Extra special edition. They suck. Beelzebub may officially enter their locker room and ransack all the moonstones. Sigh with an extra shot of vinegar.