Saturday, March 12, 2005

A couple hours later he turned the key to the door of the shabby little hotel room and those piles were still in bed. Awake, but lounging. The tv on, they barely acknowledged his existence as he sauntered in.

Ben just stood there looking at them. “so, uh, you guys planning on getting out of those beds sometime today?”

“Look, Miss Manners,” Don replied saltily. “Just cuz you got some crack flickin through your mental, and I ain’t talking the chemical, you know whut the fuck I mean, don’t come around trying to get us on board of your hang out wandering the town thinking about how deep everything is trip.” Then the asshole gave him that look. The one that knew he’d hit it, the point, the one Ben hated, er, well, fuck it, it was nice when your homies knew you.

“ah, fuck you,” Ben politely responded. Then he plopped down in the comfy chair by the window and got wrapped up in whatever dogshit they were watching. Price is right. “you guys hungry?”

that got them going. “yeah, I’m down to chomp on something, fer shure,” Eddie opined.

“cool. I already ate. But I’ll kick it with you guys. There’s a good coffee shop down the way.”

Don nodded his head, they got ready, shit, brush, zoom, and the three friends were out the door, on the street, on their way.

“This is like the really lame part of the story,” Ben said quietly, not thinking either of them heard.

Don apparently had though, and quipped, “Hey buddy, sometimes the lamest shit gets the biggest laughs.”