Thursday, March 03, 2005

does God ever get afraid? i mean, if the world was gonna explode, it wouldn't hurt God right? i mean, nothing can stop God. he rules everything. BUT he doesn't interfere, right? i mean, that's why he didn't save that school bus that flew off the mountain. or that GI whut got his brains blown out and saddam husseins sons, and uh, deeprak chopra?? oh no, i think he's still alive. and then also the, uh, that river phoenix guy.

anyway, where was i, oh yah, god, so what would god be afraid of, if anything? the devil? the devil ain't shit, right? i mean, he's like a pest, but is it ever inferred that he's like a legitimate threat? somebody advise me on this matter.

in any event, god is prolly like not afraid of anything then? i don't know how to approach that question. oh yah, i'll NEVER KNOW. thanks a lot dumars for making us all wonder now for the rest of our lives and then into our afterlife of raking leaves on a windblown street as you hear the street cleaner coming down the road and then you turn around and it's not a street cleaner it's a zamboni.

think about it.

the thought sink

kenneth cowan