Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I was pretty damn ripped the other night and got delving into the master thesis, just started tearing away at it, not in a destruction type manner, but just the opposite, building, dig, and just slamming werd on top of werd on to that shit, and kinda brought back an old character that I’d been considering swinging back in and I did it in a way I hadn’t thought of before, well, anyway, I read that shit last nite and it was like reading something that someone else had wrote, and I liked it, and it made me happy, I think that’s the ultimate feeling, well, except for like bustin a grapenut, but like, within the realms of literature. Or not, fuck I don’t know. You know whutsup, the minnitt I think I might actually be fukn saying something I run for the hills and hide. At least in this shit. But when it comes to the master thesis, shit, I’m fukn fearless, something about knowing that noone’s gonna read it within a set period of time if not ever, and if they do I can always throw my hand’s up and be like “shit, holmes, it just a story” not that I can’t do that with this shit, but it’s different, the immediacy, fuck, I dunno, monsignor.