Monday, March 21, 2005

It’s a big fukn year. The good kind. I mean, the wolves are circling, the good kind. That’s what I meant to say. I had it all rehearsed. My grandmother is an incredibly good person. Shit, shinola, etcetera acres, all that kine stuffulaplus. Both of em. Both my gramps have since departed. One left a, well, that need not be said, but put it in the good column. It all comes down to that, doesn’t it? Good or bad. Actually, it’s a trifecta. You can’t forget the nonchalance factor. I just wanta impart so much knowledge but there’s no time. A certain internet god said don’t ever apologize for not posting, but let me indulge myself anyway, I’m so full of love, I just wanna say, sorry, I had time, I really did, but I was either working, playing video games, or watching aqua teen hunger force, or engaging in other activities, like dancing my ass off while a chick frying on acid poured me like 3 shots of crown with a dash of coke and shoved it to me and said, “just go” and wouldn’t let me pay, cuz it was like that, or like, dancing with my baby, or like, talking to my fam, or like, you know whut? Fuck apologizing, I don’t apologize for shit, not for shit, you hear me? Not for one goddamm thing, cuz everything I did got me to this moment, and for that you can call long beach and ask em, I don’t regret a goddamm thing, I really don’t, at some moments I do, yes, I’ll admit it, but at this moment, ya know whut? Nothing. Not one thing I did wrong nor one thing I did right. I’m completely happy with every moment in my life at this moment. Don’t ask me why. Drink fukn bud dry mothafucka. Shit, bobby knight was the man with that whip at that press conference. Where did that come from? Just ignore the monkey with the pajamas in the background. But seriously, fuck saying “but seriously.” You know and I know how important this is, or how anti-important. This is, truly, though a big year, like I was saying, I mean, I can’t deny, lots of my peeps are making life long decisions, and seriously, it’s like, it’s so all good, and if you don’t wanna make a lifelong decision, that’s ultimately all good too, the right situation might not come along until you’re 99 years old, and if it does you should rush it like a champ. Anyway, I just wanna say I gotta shitload of love for all y’all. Seriously. And if you think I’m fukn frontin’, come out to Honolulu, I’ll tell you what it’s like, I’ll fukn pick your ass up at the airport, I’ll show you whut it’s like, ya heard? I mean, obviously, if you’re just some schmuck that I don’t even know there will be mitigating circumstances, but mitigating circumstances rule tha world, right? Can I get an amen. Oh yeah, and my dog is fukn Harry Houdini.