Tuesday, March 01, 2005

so, yah, nuthin much to say, which means it's the perfect time to ramble on about repetitive bullshit & bore you to tears and make you wish you'd never been born, at least in the same hemisphere as a goat's ass like the one typing on this keyboard right now, not that hemispheres or locations therein really make much of a difference when you're dealing with the innernet, i mean, i could be in tim mufuckin buck tooth and you could be in like the arcane mystic arts museum in downtown albuquerque & it could be figuratively, well, in actuality, literally, if you're not thinking in terms of actual physical space, that we're right there in the same room, blah blahing all day back & forth about random ass crapsterpiece (copyright, just kidding) shit that nobody gives even one quarter of a rat's asshole about. but you know that already. the one room anolagous type shit. not the rat's asshole bit. but you prolly knew that already too. well, not necessarily KNEW it, but you were thinking it, weren't you? yup, sure you weren't.