Thursday, March 17, 2005

Whut the fuck chuck. I gotta tell you, wait, no I don’t, fuck that, but serially, in like the next 83 astromedallions or so, I’m goin on a journey, both metaphorical & literal, that’s gonna take me somewhere, not sure where, that’s the booty of it, I mean the beauty, and, well, I’mma write a bunch of shit about it as it’s happening and like be an on-call correspondent working for like either nobody or some giant corp or like the save the whale foundation, whoever pays the most, packs the best mood enhancers, or hooks up the best seats on the plane train auto whatever may have you best way to get to the various spots. And when this whole dillio kicks in I’ll try to remember to fill you in with the etceteravilles of it and like drop some grains of salt that isn’t included in the standard edition, cuz that’s the way I do, you know, bits here, bits there, diff peeps get diff info & exclusives percolatin, but then depending on my mood I might be fuck that and just do the standard dispensation right down the line, but, nah, no I won’t. fuck, I don’t know.

the john stakes diary