Monday, April 11, 2005

I didn’t write shit this weekend. I barely even read shit this weekend. All literary prerogatives were thrown out the window at the expense of an evil past time of staring at a screen and doing drive by’s and jacking for nonmetaphorical beats. I at least could rationalize with the concept that said experience gave me ideas for what to do with my next record but I’d be bullshitting you, and that’s just not me.

Yup. In other news, fuck, there was like, some kind of an event that the media is salivation over? Yah, like a 100. um, Michael Jackson. Oh yah, the pope. The back alleys are starting to shove money in the kitty that we might have a latin pope. You heard it here first. Or 83rd. whatever, long as I get my percentage when the bean counters come through with the rakes.

Keeping the mind open to new ideas not negatively (or positively) infected by your prior realizations and experiences vis a vis the world, society, interpersonal relations, ways you react to all above and infinite more is a vital but quite difficult thing to adequately do.