Tuesday, April 19, 2005

In reference to the master thesis: the tally’s at 48,744 words. Some gold, some platinum, some lead, some notes, some scattered thoughts, some developing stream of consciousness flooding into full display of scene and in the future for this intrepid reporter or anyone of merit that can be conned into assisting, a monster editing job of hell.

In reference to the new pope: discount the guy’s looks (sin city meets house of fabric) or age (can someone say "buffer pope?") or skin color (hispanics make up about half of catholics, and they were due a voice, one you knew they weren’t gonna get, but nonetheless), all of which kind of irritate me, not that I have anything against white people, notwithstanding that suspicious fucker in the mirror, and you get the most important piece, his politics, which apparently lean (heavily) to the conservative, not sure you’d even call it politics, but “conservative” in this sense basically meaning, it seems, that he’s not gonna bend the rules, adapt the church to the world. ie don’t hold your breath for condoms, any type of progressive sex education, or other nods to so-called “reality.”

“the world must adapt,” said a mystery voice in my head, and that is kinda the stance, or apparently will be the (continued) stance of the church, which is the last thing we needed, we being the world, cuz I ain’t catholic, even though I signed this thing saying my kids would be, but I’m pretty sure the priests signed something saying that an altar boy wouldn’t have to slob on bob, so I ain’t gonna sweat the details too much.