Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A great man died yesterday. Eh, I dunno how “great” he was in the sense of taking care of biz, shit, but who is, I mean, I’m great at, uh, shit, whatevs, but I suck at, well, you know, not being a big pile. Plus I would have made a shitty riddler.

Que sera. Or what the fuck ever. Lace it up with enuff crapola and little or no meaning will sneak its way through, and then you have accomplished nothing yet again. I’m starting to understand why I’ve been constantly muddying the waters of my periscope, when shit is, uh, visible, it’s very, um, potentially non-ziggy. Very 1972, but theoretically a gude thing.

I just don’t have shit to say, on top of having a million things to iterate which I would never actually type, at least in this shit. I’ll find a secret drawer and put a million notes to myself in there and then in 45 years I’ll open it up and remember the donkey shitness. Or how many rulons I ruled over in rulonville, and how incredibly meaningful it wasn’t.

Eh. fuck it. From now on I’ll just ponder, um, unicorns. Yes. Unicorns are ancient and universally known to be left-handed animals that are basically half mongoose and one quarter elephant. The other quarter is some kind of mongrelized combination of rhinoceros and Steve Guttenberg.