Friday, May 06, 2005

Howdy pards. Not sure why I’m writing shit, not sure why I’m not. Every time I usually sit down to prattle lately it’s master thesis related, disjointed as said project currently is, and in a strange way it’s making it better, I’m finding different voices, different ideas, but I’ve gotta meet the ways of where they become twained in a soon time capacity, and crank the braces out in between the areas and get the names straight, although the identities are easy to identify. In fact, fuck all that, editing is a beasts job to be left in a cage, I’m gonna feed that bitch about 53 pounds of crapsterpiece and see what it spits back at me, but trust I’ll keep a copy for the files. Always keep a copy for the goddammed files. The book of this shit is gonna come out soon, too, I just need a cover and a spine. Truth. It’s all set, I even printed it all out, it’s a thick manuscript full of fucks and shits and half truths and not quite completed thoughts and it’s gonna jump to 85 million on the best seller lists within at least the next 127 years, by which time the only part of me that will be alive is my brain stem sitting in a puddle of radioactive chloroform in a back alley entrance only basement in Anaheim. And fuck Anaheim, that’s gonna really suck, but, well, time and tides, etcetera.

tony pierce