Friday, May 06, 2005

Normally I’m the last person to care about such things, ok, maybe not the last, but 2nd, 3rd, to last, fuck, I don’t know, but, the dodgers scored ten (10!) runs in the first inning tonite in a win versus the reds, former team of Charlie hustle and marge schott, two of the most maligned yet at the same time iconic symbols of cincinatti, a city to which I’ve never been.

Have I mentioned how much I love LA? A lot. Not nearly as much as the degree of the love for which I have my wife. Not to be big simpin up in this piece, and that’s the last I’ll say about it, but let’s just leave it at, I have an amazing life, I have an amazing wife. If luck were astromedallions, I’d have a million plus.

So I was just in the city of angels last week and had a fucking blast. Big congrats to my man on his nuptials, for which I was overly proud to stand at his side as the best hombre, the biggest honor since lil’ cease toted the chroners for biggie, shit, bigger, and, well, I’m at a loss for words.

Yes, I’m a little tipsy. I’m loving the world. Even you. That person sitting in the closet playing gin rummy. It’s all good. There’s some form of master plan which will present itself someday. That has been the key to my success, if that’s what you’d call this, (I do), believing in the better things to come, in the darkest days, well, shit, that’s just the opportunity to have the biggest turnaround and show those mofos just what kind of gangsta you are. The kind that bushwick bill would be proud of. That otha level style. You know what I mean.

Fuck, I’m blabbing. But it’s beyond good. Not because it’s literature, which it’s not, but because it comes from the heart, which is why I started this shit in the first place, cuz, fuck, it’s for the fucking kids, man, the fucking kids, only it’s not, it’s for every person who ever felt like a total fucking piece of shit and knew they were unredeemable and then one day they saw a rainbow and realized, shit, this jurk storr shit, this could work, it could mean something, it could be like that plastic bag flapping across the back alley, it could be that one moment in whateverville, the time where you knew the ultimate feeling of ultimateness. Whatever, if you don’t know what I mean, you will. Or you won’t. either way it’s cool. Figure your own philosophy out, not that that’s what this is, this is, fuck I don’t know what this is, but it’s good, at least for me right now.

Shit, man, I almost cried when I gave that speech. I’m an emotional pile of donkey squat. Nothing wrong with that. I’m finding my inner deuseldorf. And I like him. He’s not a bad dude. Not half bad at all. And you’re pretty kosher yourself. Well, probably. You might be an asshole. Work on that, will ya? I’ll do the same. Peace & aloha.