Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The things that I say add up to zero anyway so I’ve come to the idealized or lack thereof conclusion that why bother typing blather in this here espacio, why not complete the circle of nonverbage since it’s all just a circle jerk anyway. I mean jurk.

But I won’t. I don’t have the guts nor pinache of say, a supervillain, to just call it quits and blaze all the bitches in a blaze (yup, double werd score) of glory. I don’t have the cojones to shoot all the cokeheads up and jump from the third floor balcony.

Nope. I’ll sit here and type a boatload of bullshit and you’ll read it, or not, or you’ll accidentally stumble onto it and then most likely strangle yourself or even more likely click immediately to the goat porn you were actually looking for.

It’s funny there used to be a time where I was hoping to regulate myself and limit my crapsterpiece expositions in this here, and now it’s like decades pass and I look and it’s still FDR wondering whut his d feels like sitting on a boat in Hawaii likely thinking who gives a flying fuck anyway, then realizing he’s gotta get off his ass, well, just metaphorically, and save the world. Or something like that. Fuck it.

Well, the master thesis is going along, not smoothly, but progressing, actually maybe it’s theses now, the nature of the way I’ve been doing the shit is that it’s split between various sectors and I’ll just open a window and think, ok, where was I, and then just write from there, so the editing job is gonna be monstrous, but I kind of liked this one part where the main dude is at his grandfather’s funeral's afterparty, and his dad starts telling the tale of the darkest horse in their family, this guy who decided to get a sex change back in the late 60’s, if that even is possible, and then after years of rejection from every end of society eventually found some semblance of happiness as a bearded lady in the circus.

And here I am thinking that’s original; it was probably on an episode of matlock or some shit like that and I’ve been repressing it all these years. Oh well.