Friday, May 27, 2005

word to uncle john’s grandma. Yes, it is almost essential that such an eloquence be uttered at the termination of a diatribe, but it’s nice to live in opposite land sometimes. Like let’s try. I am interesting and handsome and lovely and a damn fine wine connoisseur. See how easy that was? Now try it in pig latin.

I know it’s just SO antithesis of jenny say kwah these days to actually say you’re looking forward to a movie without tearing it all to shit, but I’ll confess and let you in on the fact that I’m so bonerifically stoked on the batman flick (click the pic for a bunch more pics) that the possibility of soiling myself has become a daily concern.

The fantastic four one, eh, not so much. It looks aight, but werd on the street is, well, not so wordoriffic. Which really means nothing. I’ll be there asap to see that shit like the good fan boy I am. Don’t worry. Eat beef curry. Something like that. I dunno, I’m not stoked with the look they gave doc doom. The flick's got potential though, and I'll antiquatedly hold judgment until it's viewed.

Well I’m on this goddamm south beach shit again which means no whiskey tonite. I guess I’ll just bask in the knowledge of how good this is for me and that will be a more than ample substitute. Oh and the world is flat.