Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And then the ball hit the ceiling and fuck all this shit. I hope phoenix wins tonite, cuz if they don’t, well, then, shit is over, and I dunno, the Miami/Detroit dillio doesn’t have quite the same entertainment value for me, specially with shaq barely hangin on with his bum thigh or whatever.

Ah, the importance of this verbage. And then, grandma moses said, tell me ‘bout the rabbits, george. And then george squeezed the rabbits to death in between his vice grip of steel iron sheik claws.

I really got nothing folks. Absolutely nada. The gizzards are drained. Too many lonely nights frantically pounding at the chimes thinking of the next or prior chapter in a mad diorama that may or may not transpire to be literature.

btw the latest batman trailer looks bad to the bone.