Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Have you seen that police America movie with the puppets, from the south park guys? The funniest bit, for me, is this song that compares how much the main character misses this chick to how much the pearl harbor movie sucked. It’s a true joy when you can watch or hear something, or combo thereof, and still be laughing out of your control like 45 seconds after it’s over, just contemplating it.

There’s some slow bits tho, that drag a little, unnecessary commas notwithstanding, and, sigh, I dunno, I’m over talking about it.

Goddammit, I feel like I can’t write shit without sayin shit, and sayin shit is SO goddamm 1982 that I feel like a have a giant lion with sunglasses jumping off of the front of my shirt, it’s THAT 1982, can you feel it? It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is strong. Pungent. Something floating in the air beyond the senses yet one with them at the same time. Indefinable, like all the best things. You can’t quite put your finger nor your toe on it, but you know it’s there, right on the periphery. It is the jurk storr. And I want you to know all about it, but if I tried to explain it to you I’d likely destroy it and I just can’t be held responsible for the ramifications if that were to happen.

Actually it’s nothing to do with being held responsible, it’s just that I really love the jurk storr. It’s a well that is completely deep, let’s say you took atlantis and then multiplied it’s depth by 83 astromedallions, that would only begin to explain it. With me? It’s a font of knowledge and antithetical wisdom that even though at times more than others it has no form nor sense it still is, and no one can deny that what it says and does and represents is definitely a serious entity in spite of its nothingness.

Ok, I’m done, I may have already said too much.