Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hey. Goddammit. I’ve been up all nite drinking & talking story. I shoulda been writing. But, well, you know, or you don’t, how it goes. I’ve been thinking here & there about what goes into a blog. Are you supposed to actually put effort into something like this?? Or is it supposed to be, by its nature, the dregs? My opinion on said matter has vacilatted heavily between both extremes. Anyway. Doesn’t really matter here nor there except for the sake of argument, which I’m all for. I can argue for days on the temerity & valor of an ode on a Grecian and/or roman urn, while not believing in the validity of neither, you know, strictly for the sake of it, for the ideal, that you should be able to go back and forth vis a vis a point, just to smooth it out, see all the angles, hash it out into the ground, make it your bitch, so to speak.

Goddamm, I’m getting tired now. It’s roundabout quarter after one in the morning on Saturday out here in the islands, and honestly, it’s time to go lay my head down and ponder all the imponderables. Don’t hate me for giving up in midstream of pontificating unpontificatables to and with you. And yes, I don’t believe that anything is beyond the realms of bouncing around the old noggin in a relevant framework, it’s just an expression, nah mean? Eh. It doesn’t really matter if you do or if you don’t, I still get my payoff from the maltavian mafia in 8 each 5 dollar bills delivered under the almost ingenious guise of a kickback rebate from compusa. Those dumb motherfuckers. May they burn in purgatory and then graduate to that school with whatshisname and Brenda from 90210. eh. So, yah, take er easy & get er done. Etcetera acres. Gracias.