Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Howdy, hiya, etc. I was up late and, well, shouldn’t say was, am, up late, but was, you know, talking story about politics etc. from the 70’s, 60’s and today, and shiz like that, cuz you know, the 80’s & 90’s didn’t really happen. Aside from the berlin wall coming down and monica lewinsky getting a cigar up her cooter it was all one big mushroom hallucination.

Anyway, also, I made a total ass out of myself earlier today by losing my temper like a raving madman, but that’s just the way shit has to go down sometimes, yah? Not to say I wasn’t totally unjustified, in fact, I was pretty fucking justified, but to say I went overboard and way beyond the realms of civilized behavior would be a true & accurate statement as well as something of a mild understatement as well, so yeah, there’s that, and that’s the way it is. Cue overrated rapper and his posse.

Not sure why I’m even typing this crap, but I swore I would crank out random ass crapsterpieces and or serious literature every night before I go & pass out in my hammock made of lamb’s wool from the shores of persia’s beach of navarrone, and even though that place is totally nonexistent the fact of the matter in no way shape or form gives me some form of “out” on my self-imposed responsibilities.

No one, including myself, however, said that there had to be any kind of quality control involved in this shit, though. And thank allah, the camels, god, and the jehovah’s witness protection program for that beautiful non-fact. Aloha.