Thursday, June 02, 2005

Well hello there. Yup, I’m still in the crib, if that’s what you’d call it. As usual not much to say and wondering why the hell I’m saying it, but, hey, sometimes you gotta just, um, type shit and then put it on a website. Why not? Add in your bud dry cliché and head for the door if that’s what does it for you. Bah. Seriously. What’s the fucking, eh, what’s the fukcing point of saying what’s the fucking point? Exactly. Which all makes me think I should really read that green lantern comic (the new series, #1) that has been sitting around for a while, despite the fact that it seems like it kinda sucks. One of those looks good on the outside, then stinks of pigshit on the inside. Metaphorically of course.

Eh. Ok, I read it. It wasn’t horrible. I still can’t wrap my mind around the idea that hal Jordan is back though, and a hero again, seems, just, wrong. Hmmm. I’d hate to bore you with the details, but I know there’s an old supervillain post that explained this phenomenon in some detail, if you’re interested. Let me find it. A ha. Here it is. That wasn’t so hard. That should tell you or lead you to all the information you would need. In a nutshell, they brought back the original (er, original silver age) green lantern, who had mass murdered the rest of the green lanterns in a fit of rage after his home town had been destroyed along with everybody in it. Then he became this super evil something or other and then he was like a ghost or something. Like I said, clickie the clickie’s for a better explanation. And that’s the last I’ll say about it.

And, hmmm, what else did I have on the schedule? Oh yah, what would you pick to go to, watch the Yankees play the tampa bay (ugh) devil rays at yankee stadium or the mets play the nationals (sigh) at shea. I mean, neither sounds like the most excitement laden concept in the universe, but I’m thinking there’s the “yankee stadium” factor, you can look at all those plaques or whatever of babe ruth and that guy that had lou gehrig’s disease, what’s his name? (ah, yes, a very fresh joke) and, I dunno, fuck that. Can you just go to yankee stadium and look at that crap without having to watch them beat ass on a bunch of sad sack Floridians? The sox are in town that week as well but the tix are already sold out for some wacky reason. Seems people would rather watch the red sox play the Yankees then the fearsome rays of the bay. Wacky! People are nuts, mos def.

Ok well that’s been enough senseless crap that you couldn’t give a fuck about anyway. May your karma meter be in the black.