Saturday, June 04, 2005

Wussup. I wrote about 2.5 more pages of master thesis shit tonite. I know you care. I would say “not” but that would just show you how 1989 I am and I can’t go out like that. I went on this high school Europe trip with the antithetical inspiration for rion dark and there was this one guy on the trip, well, actually two guys, but one was much worse about it, that would constantly not only say “not” but also say “int,” as in he’d go, “yeah, you totally” or he’d go “not, int, not, int, not, etc.,” and then the other guy would laugh and me and my homey would look at these people and pine away for the calm cool and collected days of afro man and skater friend, people who at least could hold it together enough to hassle people by the coke machine with a modicum of class & decorum. Other notes on that trip, and yes, it was 1989, we even had shirts that said “Europe ‘89” in really pathetic block slash slanted lettering, but how could I possibly complain, because it was like the summer of awakening in my late bloomer soul, and shit, no, I didn’t bloom in all the ways I would have liked, but I had quite a few beers and barfed out of my first 3rd floor balcony in Switzerland, not that that’s something to be proud of, and the double the age guy looks back on it with disdain, thinking that he could drink that kid under the table, but the truth is I could drink my age 25 self under the table and also likely my age 28 and even 29 self under the cement overhang at the corner of 5th and vine, and don’t look that up it’s a totally fictitious establishment, and this is all a load of hopeless bullshit anyway, so, don’t chalk me up to a hero sandwich, cuz, seriously, there’re few things that make me mad (cough, bullshit) and one of them is trying to be cornered as a hero figure or someone who cares about their ego, this being prolly one of my biggest weaknesses my firm conviction that complete lack of ego is the path to ultimate Schwartz.