Friday, June 24, 2005

Yo yo. Well, I spent a solid hour cleaning the basement and it’s just unbelievable how much untapped storage room we’ve got down there. This room that looked so ultra full of crap now only looks like a third ultra full of crap thanks to my heroics. Yeah, there’s a lot of rubbish piled up in the next room which has to be deposited at the garbanzo bean central depot, but, well, apples, oranges, and eggs getting broken, ya dig? Of course you do. Or don’t. eh, it doesn’t really matter.

Damn, my contacts are drying out like a rulon’s forehead on labor day. You’ll have to excuse me for a sec. Oh yah, speaking of labor day, it’s like whoah, there are mad tickets on e-bay for sox yanks tickets on or around 9/11 which is when I will be in NYC living it up like a gangsta. And here I was like a dummy thinking I had to settle for yanks rays or mets nats. DUH. Thanks tony, you reminded me about that lil’ thing called, uh, yup, already mentioned it. Anyway. Oh yeah, my contacts. Right back I will be. Yup. In meantime, use the force or some shit like that.

Ok, I’m back. I know, you were worried. It’s ok. Seriously. Only 3 rulons were harmed in the making of this production, and they’re actually doing alright now. Fuck. I gotta either wake up really early or rush it over the hill from work to return this movie that originally was a good deal but is now costing me two dollars by the day. It makes me want to get on my bike and ride down a snow covered mountain yelling about it. I mean this is serious shit.

Bah. that’s more than enough for now. Have a “nice” day, whatever the fuck that means. No, really. I mean it. The sarcasm you hear is actually the reverberations of my neighbors blasting Miami sound machine and beating the living hell out of their pet goat gregor. I know, it’s fucked up. I called the humane society but they were like, is it a Guatemalan goat or Zimbabwean, and I was like, well, I think if I had to guess, Guatemalan, and they were like, oh, well fuck it then, and I remember thinking to myself, damn, yup, that’s fucked up alright.