Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Yo. So I’ve forced my hand as it were and got one of the boys kidnapped by nefarious forces. Of course this can be changed but the beauty of it is that now I’ve got yet another springboard and this being shit that is actually happening, cliché as it sounds, rather than just Grecian urn type shit with some person just thinking to himself about ad infinitum type bullshit all day long while banging on a monkey shine 2x4. you know? Cuz fuck all that.

Yup. So the venue for this eve will def include crown royal &, uh, nba finals, and, um, prolly having to help this guy move some more shit and then combined with an overabundance of conversation mixed in with wondering about being somewhere at midnight to see that joe chill meets the wayne foundation type shit, but, nah, tomorrow in its petty pace will have to creep from day to day. Out out brief flashlight, etc., you know what I mean.

Mannnn, I gotta make this really irritating phone call right now which is just plagued with potential inaccuracies and, well, I mean, not ill will, but I’m gonna be digging for info of which I have no technical right digging, and management is asking me to, cuz they know I’m the man, and I’ve got the skills, you know, well, I mean, it’s supposed to be all official and said entity is not supposed to give me a clue but because we’re on a friendly basis, I mean, not like “friend” friend, but business acquaintance, I’m supposed to use my charm to weasel info against the competition. It’s like, why don’t the upper echelon go after that shit? The lame thing is is that I won’t get extra scrilla for this booshit. Although this account has kicked me down funds in the past and present & future, and all those are secured, so, fuck it, bridges were meant for throwing gas on and then hovering over menancingly with a match, natch?

Heh. I totally forgot I had wrote this crap. Uh, the phone call went well, if not in the exact direction I was expecting. now to properly work the angles for the benefits of both self and the almighty teat. Yah, laters. Oooh, & I just figgered out how to do it. Ok, bye, imaginary friend in my throat. May you drown in ovaltine, and don’t worry, that’s a compliment of the highest order.