Thursday, July 21, 2005

I ain’t the only one lamenting the loss of the great Jim Aparo, not by a long shot. Click here for a long list of blogposts written by fans throwing in their 2 cents.

This post has pictures of quite a few nice Aparo covers on it.

Click here for a fascinating interview with Jim Aparo circa May 2000.

My fave post I've read so far on the subject is this one, memories of Jim from a huge fan who had the opportunity to work with the artist as an editor at DC. It really gives you an idea of just what kind of man Aparo was, which sounds like, from all accounts, a reflection of his work: professional, unassuming, workmanlike, brilliant, flexible, all of the above.

This was a man of immense talent, and with vast respect in the industry, who was totally willing to work on whatever project he was assigned and always do it all out and with absolute quality, who never even hinted at pulling any prima donna shit, even though he probably could have. Anyway, the list goes on, great guy, great talent, huge loss; to comics, and, apparently, humanity in general.

That being said, I guess I'll let this topic go for awhile. At least until in another 15 minutes when I feel like yapping about it some more.