Friday, July 15, 2005

Jesus h. Christ people REALLY want spamalot and yanks sox tickets. I mean, why can’t everyone line up for the crapperstein orchestra and the ball street bruisers? They’re just as good, promise. Serially, I’ll swap you. I’m such an ebay newbie and I’m getting the asshanders award over there. People jumpin in and jackin me for beats at a moment’s notice. If it’s you, no beef, nuff respect due, shit, I found 50 cent in a trash can, literally, and yeah, most of it’s trash, but that song 22, sheeit, remix of that game/fitty song, you know the one, with the beat you don’t like to admit that you’re diggin, and there’s like tony yayo and buck o five, or whatever those guys names on it, and game does a different verse, and I cranked it up and shot 3 rounds at the ceiling, which I’mma catch hell for when my boss gets back. FUCK I have to finish this goddamm thing. Later.