Monday, July 18, 2005

Yoyo. Wuddup. Sheeeiittt. And, yes. It’s true. Fuck that. Fuck blogging. Fuck a log, fuck a web, and fuck the spider it flew in & sat on. Yessirree. That’s the god’s honest. No it’s not. Yes, no, you are. Well hotdandy joe I finally found some semi not a million dollar yankee sox tix. And if anyone thinks I stole that idea they can slick all over my boodie hoozle. A boody hoozle is something of which I won’t describe. You know whut? Fuck this shite. I may go underground later today? If you know where that is, see you there. Send me an e-mail and tell me I’m a pile of donkey shit. Gracias. Muscle68 went to Vegas. On a gangsta scale it’s a snoop dogg before he met pharrell. Exactamundo. Yes, I know. In other news, dammitt, I always say that, and am thus extremely in need of a hara kiri. Man, I ate sushi this weekend and it took forever but was good. Sake makes my head warm. The jurk storr called again. first time in like, a million years? And they said ixnay on the tireday idea. Maybe a petunia day dillio? I’ll check with management. Toodles. I kinda went off in the comments section of this post. Look for kool keith el otro. Two diatribes on varying different sides of an argument, plus other horseshit apple sauce. The making sense store called and I’ve been discontinued. No spaces today because it’s proprietary. Werd to officer bird, care of channel 9. I bought the new tsar album. It’s good.