Thursday, August 04, 2005

Everything in my goddamm house is breaking. My computer breaks, fuckn laptop ain’t finding wireless properly, goddamm washing machine needed to be replaced, and now they tell me my goddamm less than a year old tv is fucked up, thank god fucking thing is knock on wood still under warranty but that means I gotta find the goddamm fucking paperwork even if it is, which sucks my ass cuz paperwork is the devil’s work. Madre de dios is there like some techno curse on the house of moi? Donkey shit acres, indeed. Tell that to your fucking pygmy warriors, batman. What I told myself would be a nite of master thesisizing will likely turn into me getting pissed off and digging through crates of receipts and/or fucking with the goddamm fucking television and then likely beating my own brain in with an arcane cudgel passed down for 83 generations by the Michael knight foundation. Set phasers on goddamm fuck. Gracias. At least there’s plenty of wheat thins.