Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hi there. I’m drinking ice water out of an aquaman glass. I recently hooked up two each of batman and robin glasses, you know, two of each, for a total of four, plus Arthur of atlantis equals five. No more will I utter that of which you are. It’s implied. And if it’s not, or it’s not true, than so be it. I have to live with it. It’s not like sarcastically implying that it’s a lie is gonna make it any better for me or you. In fact it prolly makes it worse. Shit, who knows. I’m stoked about going to new york. And phillie. I’ll be there. Yup, it’s true. I’m hoping to like get crunk. You know. Not in like that sense or this sense, but in that otherworldly sense of networking and living and being and finding the inner Schwartz that we’re prolly all looking for, even the ones that long ago gave up and don’t even know they’re still trying. Sigh. Anyway. I’m getting sleepy and it’s just about time for bed. Don’t forget the ovaltine, and, uh, shit, I dunno. Do you ever reach a point where everything that you say sounds like you’ve already said it before. Maybe that’s a sign. Maybe it’s a sign that I should either shut the fuck up or start actually saying something. Or maybe it’s symbolic of the, fuck, some political bullshit. Either way, you win, I win, or we both lose, or some combination thereof where I’m the opposite of you, or we both sit copacetic and don’t really shift our realities either way. Does it really fucking matter, at least right this minute? Yeah, prolly, but fuck it.