Tuesday, August 16, 2005

hi. Me again. just back because, well, I’m a stupid fuck. Yup. It’s true. I read it on, uh, the discovery channel’s, uh, website? Blatant lie. Anyway, shit, there’s so much traveling to do in which I could be at certain partying type dillios that I should be at, but apple sauce only goes so far and I’ve already made my bed in certain arenas and lying in it is no problemo, but I wish I could be at this this weekend and that that weekend, but, I mean, I’m only one man, and unfortunately I have neither the moolah nor the time to just skip town whenever I fukcing want to, and, I mean, I’m being at the actual events, but missing some preparties, but, well, omelettes, eggs, and metaphors, you can take one and toss out the other with the bathwater and it should be all copacetic, at least in theory.

confessions of a terminal slacker