Monday, August 08, 2005

Howdy pards. I’ll start it off the same so you think I’m doing the same ol’ shit. There’s prolly some dankerville ol’ comic cover on your left or right or above as well just so you’re under the false impression that this is just some run of the mill ass crapsterpiece region of grizzly bear type ill crapola but you & I both know fuck grizz it’s all bout the golden, yup, you, me, the wolf in the corner gnawing on some 10 year old girl’s skeleton hand, we all have that secret knowledge of the world under the otha level, the one bushwick bill thought he copyrighted. Yup, we see that shit, the one that all the “others” slide over with their people movers or suv’s, or whatever the fuck people travel the outer plains on, how the fuck should I know, I’m at the bottom of the swimming pool, looking down through the drain, trying to figure out where Sigmund the sea monster is, knowing he’s munching kim-chee down there, bogarting the joint with captain caveman, while our beloved cro-mag drowns in a sea of water combined with oververbalized egocentric balderdash. Ha ha booyaka cuz the joke is that after all that I lazed out & it is the that which it was & you knew it would be yet feared it may not or would actually be? Yeah, that. I’ll try to actually do something later, involving, um, telling you stuff.