Saturday, August 27, 2005

Howdy pard(s). Well, being the obsessive compulsive reader over of shite that I am, I noticed a small bit of what I said during my conversation with Malatron that was edited out of the interview transcript that he posted. This is not to say, by any means, that it was a bad call, or whatever, to edit this bit out, I mean, hey, that’s his prerogative, I will not disallow anyone to pull a bobby brown, especially in light of my heartfelt and insistent demand that I be allowed said privileges, but I just thought that for reasons unbeknownst (yes, yes, even to myself, yawn. That’s the last time I clarify that, yes, you’re welcome) I would drop it on you here, me, in my own werds, just for laughs.

The thing about getting older, it's what you do with it, you either keep your eyes open, or you close em. If you keep em open, shit, as you get older, you'll be amazed the shit you figure out, the shit that looks so simple now, that when you were 20 you thought was indecipherable, dealing with people, the way some parts of the world work, etc; but there are a lot of older people that just close their eyes to that shit and watch their money & keep to their shit and say "fuck the world," yes, there's that too, mos def.

yup, atlantis called, they want their depth back. de nada.