Monday, August 29, 2005

I got a secret for ya; it’s cuz I’m a thug. Trick daddy ain’t cornered the market, I get strait thuggish, if a ruggish bone is anywhere in my vicinity, and that’s not like what you’re thinking, it’s like, get me some fucking A-1 sauce, that's how much is at steak.

Man, my glasses are getting so they irritate me up to the point I almost will have to get the infinity gauntlet involved. There’s this period of time where it’s cool, and then suddenly, I almost have to defecate on innocent mongeese it gets so hectic. In fact, I have to put in my contacts now.

Ok, they’re in. you can relax now knowing that I am more comfortable, even with little things resting right on my overworked eyeballs. See what I go through just for you? Except not for you at all. For me & mine. One of which you may be. If you’re me, hey, dummie, don’t forget to, uh, fuck, I can’t remember. Oh yeah. Pack.