Friday, August 26, 2005

I know that people sometimes come up with this shit like “but van halen made more albums with Sammy than they did with Dave,” and to that I just submit the evidence that is van halen 1, particularly song 4 “ain’t talking about love” along with almost every other song, but this in particular, I mean, could ANYONE besides diamond dave have delivered that line “I ain’t got time to mess around,” and then not even bother to say fuck instead of mess, even though it was later bastardized to a prolly better form, (not officially, but vis a vis pop culture, yao ming) and then pull it off so gracefully and mesmerisingly and then live on in infamy and even though he’s combing mad hair over the top of his head and looks like a complete idiot in the modern idiom and sammy is livin large south of the border as a tequila magnate, I mean, really, if you want to talk about quality over quantity (as, granted, I am loathe to do, jinx bathroom) and disregard rock star antics which you just have to, I mean, does anyone impugn against axl rose what an ass he is to the degree of his importance to the music? Of course, but of course not. Ok I’m done. God bless you david lee roth, you dripped with what could rightly be termed soul, yes I said it. But you should really consider shaving your head, at least chopping that shit down to a reasonable turf level ala moi & agassi. Reality, mi amigo. That is all.