Friday, August 26, 2005

I’ve got cold coffee in a mug and hot something in my something. Well, that didn’t really work, now did it. I wrote some crappy crap at crapville acre and if you think I’m gonna direct traffic to that shite well you’ve got an 83rd nipple nobody clued you in on. Actually I liked it and the website of which where it is at is of the highest quality, so thus the truth was not known in that area of this paragraph. Fantastic information, yes?

Fanboy rampage is a very interesting website for me not to poop on, that is if you are interested in comic dorkery, of which I wholeheartedly am. In other news, I’m listening to van hagar. Yes, you may now shoot an arrow made of vibranium into my heart, thereby causing it to explode into like 78 different and unique bloody chunks. Thanks in advance.