Tuesday, August 09, 2005

There’s actually some interesting stuff to say, but organizing my brain enough, er, rather, laying it out there in a way in which it can be comprehended, not that I’ve ever been concerned with that prior, is such an effort that I keep an eye on the fax for the purchase order which must be forthcoming to even consider it, not that I deserve payment for this crap, that’s just the point, if I did, it would be, er, in some type of form whereby of which you could formulate some type of opinion on it? Or not. Maybe it’s better in that I’m not compensated, and, thus, you get more of a straight line from the dome to the screen, you know, like it’s more real? But that’s just quite the cop out, methinks, in that, well, the diluted or rather non diluted is in no way any more real than something of higher quality. Everything’s real and all is bullshit, just the nature of the world & the beast. Real is such an ephemeral concept that trying to capture it is like chasing butterflies with a butcher knife. You have to be skilled and lucky and cosmic forces have to be aligned, and then, still, the result will just be something of which may have had more meaning in its prior form, while vastly misunderstood and deemed inconceptual via its inability to hold on to and control, has now, in its facility of being owned, having become property, lost all intrinsic value.