Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jesus, how much more can the dodgers suck? I mean, not like anyone gives a shit nor is this some new revelation that just landed on me, but in light of the ANAHEIM angels clinching a postseason berth it just depressed me how crap the real LA team is, and their dumbass manager that decided to tinker tinker and throw the heart of the team (whatshisass, that catcher) out the window, eh whatever who gives a fuck anyway.

Um, I gotta read me some klosterman, him & bill simmons had a really interesting two part conversation that I highly recommend you read.

Oh wait, I’m not supposed to just link to it, I’m supposed to comment on it. Ok. It’s good. Interesting. 50 stars. What the fuck ever, just go read it, I ain’t got the time to play kit Carson, or clark kent, or whoever the fuck. Ok klosterman is some spin writer that wrote some books that sound interesting. Jesus Christ you happy now? That made me tired.

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, fanboy rampage is fan fiddly tastic. Not for me to poop on. One thing though. SHIT do comic people love them talking bout shit on the innernet. I mean, it’s gotta be like 1) porn, and then 2) comic people blabblin at one another, when you count shit goin via the triple dub. Fantasy sports prolly somewhere in the mix too.

Oh, and people reading this. That’s # 8 gajillion squared (cubed? Whodafuck knows). And I’m ok with that. I wish I was in a bar drinking guiness and having some new yorkah talking my ear off about whatevers while eating grubbin free poo poos, but that’s just me, which is obviously implied. Thanks for playing, Alan, you get a free courtesy popcorn maker from pop a lot, and don’t forget your iced out collar. Congrats.

Holy shit, this guy’s website has an insanity inducing collection of randy rhoads pictures. Go live there forever. There’s also a tribute video, shitload of information, holey moley, I’m as delightedly aghast as billy batson must have been when he found out what shazam means. If the innernet is a giant moldy sandwich, just call me homer simpson. Cazart.

update: sigh, seems like the randy site is down now. hopefully only temporary. selah.