Monday, September 26, 2005

Well, at least there’s consistency in the world (er, my world) of football. The raider's crapiness, & yeah their schedule’s a killer, continues unabated, puttin’ em at a nice 0-3. meanwhile Cal continues to dominate (& yeah, their schedule’s a creampuff so far), sittin’ at a nice 4-0.

By the way, the cal game against New Mexico State at Las Cruces, NM on Friday night was the first time ever that a football game play by play was done over the radio in the Navajo language. This is something that I found to be interesting.

And now that all except you there, Frank (thanks for hanging around) have clicked over to just about anything else, sick of the sports desk and its inherent nonsense that you could read anywhere else, in a more cogent and entertaining fashion, let me get down to what I was really gonna say.

Whatever the hell that was. I was able to crank out another couple pages of that which shall not be named the other night, gracias a dios, until I got momentarily freaked out by someone who I’d thought was fast asleep calling my name at 1 am as I sat in the dark typing away deep in the matrix. Shortly thereafter I crawled into bed, cuz, ya know, I had to wake up at 7 am and watch the raiders lose again.

And that my friends is what we call in the writing world “bringing back around to where you started.” And yes, it’s called that. There’s not a more specific name for it. I looked it up you donkey shit pile etrigan mimicking bastard sword imitator. And oh yah, I watched that steve zissou life aquatic dillio on dvd this weekend as well. I liked it.