Monday, November 07, 2005

The clippers are 3-0. I’ll leave it at that, for now. In other news, sigh and a shalom, but there is nothing else to be said, except I love watching poker. Now that’s cause for a serious self check in resident space in mental capacity. Yeah, it’s obfuscatious as hell, but impossible to deny, I mean, just try. Denying it, that is. I’ll shut you down so fast on that thesis your flux capacitor will be in nonfluxing mode. Long beach, staten island, what else you want me to swear on, stack of bibles? Bring em on, and I believe in some of that izm, so it won’t be like how Dracula can attack some jewish dude with a crucifix, it’d be like trying to get violent with a Buddhist with a rake, you know, he believes but it’s not the core basis, yah, that’s the best possible analogy in reference to it that I think could possibly be made, notwithstanding the far reaching possibility that you actually stop to consider and ponder and creatively come up with something better in a mildly constructive manner, but I mean, yeah right, who does that anymore? I mean, please, 1982 is long over and done with, unless you’ve got lions jumping through t-shirts, don’t even talk to me about that.