Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hi. Sigh. The phone won’t stop ringing. That’s really neither here nor there. Wow. You wouldn’t believe what’s been goin down the last few days. The highs. The lows. The ambient temperatures. The newly discovered places, both inside & out. The mental elevations and depressions, the dumbwaiter of Solomon going to the top to the bottom from the left to the right, the boogie woogie suddenly turning into the boogie man and then into the sweetest face and most refreshing feeling of peace that you ever knew or even considered knowing. Yup, life’s a fucking trip. Deep, man, deep. Atlantis called, it needs its trident back. Lil’ walter’s finger is havin probs with that dyke, and I don’t mean the one that woks on 2 legs, I mean the damm damn, and he’s trying to keep the flood at bay, but Neptune had this long spear like thingey that somebody named some gum after, and it had three pointy ends and lil’ walter’s down to standing on one leg and if anything else comes up he’ll have to either get horny or tell a lie and have another appendage to keep back the forces of iniquity and cursed empty souled individuals, perpetuating standardized behavior because that’s the way it’s always been “done” and horrors horrifying for the flag of tradition, meanwhile lakes of fire are sorely in need of a kierkegaardian ambassador who believes in even the smallest thing or concept or ideal beyond what is easy & what is safe and what is the localized anesthetic of the moment to this life in which we’ve been plopped so unceremoniously.