Thursday, March 30, 2006

hey, wuddup, this is a metaphorical news break. Well, notch down & make note of the first mention on the innernet of the book. Gracias to Annika for kicking peeps over to the shop for me to wile and dazzle with footwork.

I’ll go ahead and reprint here what she said so you don’t think I’m trying to be bashful or some shit:

Literary News
Ultrablognetic, the book. By fellow Cal Bear, longtime blogroll denizen, comic lover, and one of the coolest practitioners of the art of free association: Alfred Pennyworth (or whatever name he's going by these days). Congratulations dude.

Thanks again, Annika, thou art too kind.

Speaking of people talking about me on the innernet, Natalia made a mention of me a couple weeks ago, but it wasn’t in such a pleasant light:

Alfred used to link to me, but he doesn't anymore. Link swaps are not a requirement, of course, but ever since he took me down, I've felt sad when I click on him. And the clicks have become rare. He's got a brilliant blog that I just don't read anymore. I used to get it, but not anymore. Goodbye for now.

As you know, it’s all about me. Sorry you don't get my shit anymore, Natalia, hey, join the club, neither do I most of the time. Har har. No, really, though. Kind of a funny story, there. Or not. If you recall, and there’s really no way that you do, I ixnayed all the links like, a year ago? 2? Anyway, as I was rebuilding there were many people forgotten, sadly she among them. Not to say she doesn’t have a great blog. Glob. She does. Check it out, current news in fact, she’s a dukie (not to be confused with a dookie, har har) and has the scoops metaphorically or literally, not sure which, on this whole lacrosse team rape dillio.

And, in other news? Well, I’m reading this bukowski book. Fucking great. Factotum. Did you know they made a movie out of it, starring matt Dillon? The trailer is well worth the 3 minutes of your life it will take to check it out. The book is just unbelievably good (so far at least), which I guess is kind of a synonym of "fucking great." In any event, I gotta take a piss, so be safe, America, or Uzbekistan, or wherever the hell you are. Aloha mahalo nui loa plus etcetera.